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Hey look! im productive :O


He will preach for his precious people
The prizes of unwanted pregnancies
Perfectly permanent preserved postures
Forever baptized in formaldehyde

The Pastor upon his podium stands
Looking down at the punks in the pews
He pleads for them to join him in prayer
Forever baptized in formaldehyde

After the prayer the Pastor proclaims
“I’m proud of how well you performed
Practice the words and it’ll be perfect”
Forever baptized in formaldehyde

He sighs as he paces from pew to pew
Picking up each of his pickled apostles
Proceeds to place them upon a shelf
Forever baptized in formaldehyde

“My precious people, how I adore you
You’re my everything, love and pride
I’d give up God to partake in your glory
Forever baptized in formaldehyde”

He picks up the jars, pops off their lids
And lets them plop down on the floor
Place them to his lips, prominently sip
Forever baptized in formaldehyde
The Way Ahead by notyouneitherme
The Way Ahead
Leads down to a little opening kinda thing, giant rock planted in the middle, few nice trees and a couple of benches and tables.
It's nice there.
The Farmer's Horse by notyouneitherme
The Farmer's Horse
A picture I took of the farmer's newly acquired horse.
In any case I think it's newly acquired, I certainly haven't seen it before!
An apple a day
Keeps the doctor away
But I’d like him to stay
So a poem will do

A poem a day
And the doctor will stay
But he don’t want to play
So I’ll just write him two

Two poems a day
And the doctor will play
But sometimes he’ll say
I worry for you

A worry a day
And the doctor will say
I might be sent away
So an apple I’ll chew

An apple a day…
An Apple a Day
I haven't entered a period of unlimited motivation to write or anything.
I've just been more annoyed and/or bored than usual so yeah.
Haven't made a journal entry since like ... March. Wow, such an unimportant and fat month to rock out on (Burfdays n shit be hella ballin tho).

Am I back on DeviantArt? Well, I'll certainly be updating my COLLECTION more frequently, will do my best to try and respond to comments STRAIGHT AWAY (should only take multiple hours in the case of timezones or ... me not knowing how to reply, which happens stupidly often lately >_>) aaand ... hey I don't fucking know, I don't keep up with news like a properly educated gentleman, so you bring the subjects to the table, kay?

Sooo ... new DA logo?

Wtf? I mean it's not THAT bad, thing is that it just kinda feels wrong to get rid of the ancient logo which used to be ... and it does look kinda stupid in my bookmarks tbh. But hey, what can you do? Welp.


Notty Rainbow
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
All! Praise the Rainbow Prophet!

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